FIREPRO - Enterprise Transformation

The Client

Cyprus-based FirePro is a global leader in fire extinguishing technology. The company designs, manufactures and distributes the environmentally-friendly FirePro Condensed Aerosol Fire Extinguishing Technology Systems worldwide. Founded in 1992, FirePro now has a global distribution network covering more than 110 countries across all continents over the last two decades, and has built up a multi-sector portfolio of clients.


The Challenge

The rapid expansion of the company has not come without any challenges. These challenges needed to be addressed effectively to safeguard and attained momentum and sustainability of growth.  
The first challenge was brand dilution. The establishment of a vast distribution network with many partners led to the creation of an inconsistent brand identity, so that communicating with a consistent integrated voice was becoming more difficult. 

Another important challenge, was the lack of visibility and transparency of the sales process. Each partner in the network had its own sales channels, its own website, advertising and processes.

The Solution

FirePro chose BRANDCORE, because of its platfrom capabilities, robustness and flexibility. The implementation parnter was Kondiment, a digital agency with extensive experience in managing every aspect of transformation, including brand identification and development, management strategy, internal restructuring, and technology selection.

The first step was strategy formulation: Consulting on how to focus the company around the user experience, and to restructure operations for effective messaging and knowledge sharing.

To develop the brand and to unify messaging, the brand was consolidated on a single global website that served all countries in which the company is present, and provided content in 21 languages.

The solution used was BRANDCORE CMS . The website also created an omnichannel experience for the user. Each digital touchpoint was made consistent with an overall branding and marketing strategy. Aditionally, BRANDCORE CMS had been extended to provide partners of Firepro with a solution to share all branding elements.  This provided controlled access to sales presentations, proposal templates, white papers, etc.

The sales process challenge was overcome by introducing new functionality on the website, as well as the integration of the website and the partners network. All leads were gathered on the website, and Firepro had a consolidated view of all opportunities. Each lead triggered the creation of a separate workflow, providing steps so that the lead could be properly followed up on.The knowledge-sharing issue was addressed directly: Added to the partners network was a central controlled repository of shared information, and specific tools were provided for collaboration between employees and partners.

The Results

FirePro’s digital transformation yielded impressive results. How? The consolidated website and network of partners solidified the brand across the globe.
The customer-focused channels enabled FirePro to provide innovative sales and marketing techniques, ones that were carefully targeted for the types of clients that the company served.
This, of course, led to an increase in organic traffic to the site and increased lead generation. Efficient followup led to improved conversion rates thanks to the improved customer experience.
All of this improved performance built a fine reputation for the brand, with vastly improved brand loyalty as customers benefited from the numerous innovations.
The final result: Increased profit and sales, with a significant return on investment from the digital transformation process.