SANI Resort

The Client

Owned and managed by SANI SA, Sani Resort which was founded in 1971, is a 5 star family-owned luxury resort complex and ecological reserve, with a yacht marina and four distinct hotels, located on the Kassandra Peninsular in Halkidiki, Greece.  At the heart of the company’s vision is its dedication to sustainability, which  is apparent  in its various environmental and community initiatives that strive to preserve biodiversity of the local environment and reduce a carbon footprint.

The Challenge

We were approached by SANI SA to provide a solution for raising brand awareness of the resort to international travelers, in a way that amplified the message that Sani Resort is the go-to European luxury resort destination for a diverse variety of guests. Because this industry is ever evolving, the challenge required looking at the hotel industry from a new angle, particularly, in the way of changing behaviours of luxury travelers regarding the purchasing of travel, and also, in the transformation of brand storytelling and communication to a diverse audience that is quickly becoming more tech savvy, and who is also looking for a more personalized engagement with a brand.  Luxury brands are becoming publishers in their own right and SANI had to adapt to this trend in order to capture existing and future audiences.

It was therefore clear that we needed to construct a new content marketing strategy that included the creation of a new SANI blog with material for lifestyle messaging that SANI wanted to communicate.


The Solution

The first part of the solution was to implement BRANDCORE’s Content Marketing Platform with the objective to provide all the necessary tools to successfully implement their content marketing strategies from planning and creating editorial calendars, to the discovery of relevant content to be curated to target audiences.  

The solution empowered editorial teams at SANI, so that they could create, manage, and collaborate on their editorial calendars. In addition to this, BRANDCORE’s user friendly, intuitive tools provided the editorial teams a holistic overview of the publishing process with clear visibility of what was published, when and where, and the status of the content (finished or not). Moreover, BRANDCORE’s Content Marketing Platform text authoring tools and basic image editing tools, enabled marketing and editorial teams to focus on creating valuable content for their users. The solutions contextual intelligence based on machine learning algorithms, gave editors the ability they needed to evaluate content prior to publishing it, in order to ensure brand consistency and user relevancy.

Using BRANDCORE Content Marketing Platform, SANI Resorts editorial team was able to consolidate publishing and distribution of content to all digital touch points like Facebook and YouTube channel, all through a single interface. Additionally, through BRANDCORE’s Content discovery, the editorial team can now easily identify relevant and interesting content to be shared with their target audience – a process that so far has been proven to be rigorous and time consuming due to the pace and amount of available information from various sources.

The second part of the solution was the implementation of BRANDCORE's Content Management System for the launching of the SANI Blog.  The implementation of the all new SANI blog was instrumental for the brand in communicating and engaging with luxury travelers, and has driven considerable amount of conversion by creating an emotive connection between the brand and potential clients. A lot of features of the solution have been utilized, such as Live Blogging and Live Video Streaming to cover the two major events that are organized each year at SANI; Sani Gourmet and Sani Festival. Using those tools, the brand was able to extend their reach and brand reputation.

The luxury hotel industry is ever evolving, and this is especially true in terms of the transformation of brand storytelling and communication to diverse, tech savvy, audiences who are looking for more personalized engagement with a brands. Because of this, SANI Resort wanted to improve their in-resort customer experience. This was accomplished through a mobile application in conjunction with BRANDCORE’s contextual intelligence and out of the box integration with IoT devices.  The application used contextual and location based information in order to deliver to guest’s useful content and offers based on their user preferences, customer journeys in the resort, and any other additional information gathered and received from beacons. 


The Results

The successful implementation of the solution has been instrumental in improving customer experiences from both digital touch points of the brand, and in providing improved customer experiences to the resort’s guests through the mobile application. Furthermore, the customers have seen tremendous operational improvements, especially from the editorial and marketing teams that were managing the content strategy of SANI Resort. Lastly, the management benefited greatly- having gained access to data relating to customer profiles, user engagement and preferences that have helped and continue to help them strategize their offerings based on their customers current and future needs.